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Do you want termite control services to contain a termite infestation problem at home ? Termites are very hardy pests that feed on your property and are hard to get rid of. We are the trusted professionals in pest control in Singapore, providing the best pest control services in Singapore. Our pest and termite control in Singapore services include termite inspection of the problem area, termite pesticide spray, termite fumigation, termite extermination and post treatment inspection to ensure there is no further termite damage. It is a complete termite control system. We have the best programme for termite treatment in Singapore for homes, offices, schools, etc. Most termite infestations are well established before outward signs become visible. The existence of brown dirt tubes along the walls or the presence of winged termites swarming inside a room is an indication of a termite infestation. But it may be too late. We do not recommend DIY termite control. We guarantee to eliminate the pests with our effective pest control methods. We also use the latest technology with environmental responsibility. Besides white ants, we also exterminate cockroaches, ants, rodents and bedbugs. Our personnel are the top pest killers and specialise in termite control in Singapore and pest management.

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We are committed to protect the health and property of our customers without harming the environment. All our technicians are NEA certified. Our commitment to friendly, quality customer service makes us the only trusted choice to get rid of pests. Call on us for a free termite inspection and quote.

A Termite Control Tip:

As soon as termites have entered a property, they do not limit themselves simply to wood, also damaging paper, cloth, carpets, as well as other cellulosic materials. Don't take termites or pests lightly. They are formidable. Call the professionals in quickly to get rid of them.

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